3-D, Wood Carved, 18"x19" State of Arkansas Flag - Subvet Customs
3-D, Wood Carved, 18"x19" State of Arkansas Flag - Subvet Customs

3-D, Wood Carved, 18"x19" State of Arkansas Flag

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Wooo Pig Sooie!  If you know what that means, then it's time to rep your state!

This is a carved representation of the current State of Arkansas flag. The flag itself is made of pine and is relief carved to give a nice three-dimensional texture and depth to it.  The flags are slightly charred by the flames of Mordor to give it an appealing presentation.

This flag is carved and hand-painted locally here in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

The Arkansas flag is made up of a red field with a centered white diamond bordered by a blue field of stars.   There are 29 stars on the flag total, with 25 being on the blue border.   In the center, a raised carving of the word ARKANSAS is made.

A cool fact about Arkansas's flag!  The three stars below the name are representative of the three nations that Arkansas has been a part of (Spain, France and the US)!


The flag measures approximately 18 inches in height by 28 inches in width. We keep the proportions standard to the flag's requirements.  If this size is too large or too small for you, please shoot us a message as we can likely make a custom flag to fit your needs.


Mounting the flag to the wall is easy.  We include two D-ring clips on the back of the flag and also a picture wire strung between the two. This gives you two immediate options to get your flag on display.

Like you, this flag enjoys the Air Conditioning:

It is made primarily for indoors.  If you need an outdoor style, please let me know. Outdoor wood art requires a different finish and treatment to protect it from the elements.

Unique Craftsmanship:

Your flag order is made specifically for you once you purchase.  We don't have a bunch of little elves running around, so give us a few days to get it made. Each of these flags is unique in the wood, textures, colors, and finish.  Let's just be honest, each piece of wood is different and has its own personality. They were just born that way!  So keep in mind, your own flag may end up just slightly different than the picture. But not much, we promise.